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For over 12 years, ESMpr has been assisting our clients in Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, and Utah develop comprehensive communication programs that connect agencies, businesses, and industries with the people they serve.

ESMpr has a long history of being on the cusp of emergent communication technologies, while maintaining a strong background in traditional public relations services. We offer a diverse and dynamic set of communication solutions that we are confident will exceed your expectations and at a competitive price.

Our approach is simple and straightforward. We learn everything there is to know about your project and tailor realistic communication strategies that match your budget and schedule, achieving the highest possible return on your investment. Our team sees the most complex problems as opportunities for success. Our firm makes it happen.

We build relationships. We connect with the public. We make your message known.

ESMpr Professionals

Stephanie Treptow

Keith Pohs
Program Director

Alysse Lerager
Public Involvement Specialist

Jean Marie Rieck
Public Involvement Specialist

Sarah Hurteau
Community Outreach Specialist

Christine Markussen
Graphic Designer